Minimetre is closed to new projects.

This is a selection of past work.

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You're very open minded as well as design minded, and it was good to have design discussions without any arguing!
Katty Barac, One Foot Taller



  • It's a pleasure working with Minimetre. Keavy has an indepth understanding of the process and a great ability to anticipate what might be 3 steps round the corner.
    Paula Murray, Arka Design
  • I had doubts about working with a remote team member, but I was quickly proven wrong. Keavy’s contribution to the project turned out to be invaluable and critical to meeting the deadline.
    Richard Viard, VP of Product & Technology, CauseLoyalty LLC
  • The process was a very positive experience and in particular, I appreciated Minimetre’s ability to work flexibly as the project evolved.
    Amanda Catto, Head of Visual Arts, Scottish Arts Council
  • You totally understand that ideas change and develop and make sure that there's space for this by creating a dynamic and growing relationship rather than only an end product.
    Paul Cosgrove, Acting Head Sculpture and Environmental Art, Glasgow School of Art
  • OH: God that girl is good!
    Jane Allan, Head of Historical & Critical Studies, Glasgow School of Art
  • The experience working together was great. You did really well in building something with what was initially minimal input from us. We genuinely couldn't have done the conference without you.
    Alan C Francis, Organiser, Scotland on Rails 2008
  • We enjoy the pain-free pleasure of working with Minimetre. Keavy talks like a person, not like a techie, and is perfectly organised, proactive, systematic and a great team player.
    Janice Kirkpatrick, Director, Graven Images